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Our Business Proposition: 

What are our business/products all about:

AVG are the largest Chinese Digital Media Advertising Resources across both online and offline platforms in Singapore and South East Asia, we help many SME and MNC to promote their business through the most effective solution such as Baidu, Alibaba, Wechat, Sina Weibo, Youku and Chinese Display Network.

Our Chinese social media experts will help you determine which social media advertising networks are the best for your business if you want to expand into Chinese Market, whether you should focus on organic or paid promotion methods and determine what type of content you should post on your pages to get the attention of your target audience.

The end result is that you get to build your presence on Chinese social media and create loyal followers that will become advocates for your brand.



3 sentences to know what we do.

AVG is founded in 2007, we provide the largest Chinese Media Resources across both online and offline platforms in South East Asia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In an effort to maximize revenue and exposure for our clients, AVG cooperates with prominent digital media platforms such as Alibaba, Sina Weibo, WeChat, Youku, Ad China and Touch Media to provide effective and strategic marketing solutions.

Through the use of various form of advertising, these digital media platforms are able to reach out to a wide audience, hence assist in building brand awareness for our clients and also allows for specific targeting of potential markets.


We’re a team of experts who love to maximize clients' brands and innovative solutions.

Jimmy Li
Executive Director

Michael Liu
Business Development Director

Jessica Guo
Marketing & Communication Officer

Kate Tang
Sales Executive